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I created The Blot Spot to expand the opportunities to learn and study the Rorschach. Rorschach training is becoming harder to come by. Fewer graduate programs each year are teaching the Rorschach. Plus, one of the two major Rorschach training groups is no longer conducting formal training conferences.
I have been to many Rorschach training events (both for Comprehensive System and R-PAS) and found them to be informative and enlightening. Yet, once I left those conferences I had to fend for myself to further refine my skills. That doesn’t have to be the case. Whether you live in a large metro area or a small rural town you deserve to learn in a community of fellow professionals. The Blot Spot is that community!
So, I hope you engage with us, grow your knowledge base, master the Rorschach and help others do the same!

Hi, I’m Jeremy Morris, the creator and founder of The Blot Spot.

I am a certified Rorschach geek and have been since my first exposure in graduate school hooked me. I LOVE to pass that excitement on to others as I teach the Rorschach. Soon after getting licensed I began training and teaching the assessment rotation at the internship I previously attended. That experience led me to add an assessment practicum to our programs as there was a need in the Denver area at that time  for training sites who specialized in the Rorschach. After a few years in Colorado, I moved home to Kansas and founded another training program—an APA-accredited internship at Salina Regional Health Center. Many of the applicants this internship receives are students seeking out Rorschach training.

My love of the teaching the Rorschach and my desire to work in collaboration with others in healthy relationships was the driving force to start The Blot Spot. If you see me online, at a conference, or at the coffee shop, please come say “hi.”

“When I began working with Jeremy, it had been twenty years since I had given a Rorschach, and I was rusty to say the very least!  On top of that, my formal school training had shunned use of the Rorschach as too subjective and unreliable in providing solid testing information.  (The class was ultimately removed as a requirement for my degree.)  Not surprising, my original training was quite poor and laborious. It left me feeling very ill-prepared to use the test, so I never did, until I met Jeremy.

Taking the refresher course with Jeremy was absolutely eye opening and I was amazed to learn just how reliable and useful the Rorschach is in assessing personality and providing a plethora of information ranging from one’s perception of self and interpersonal relationships, to interpretation of reality and processing.  Jeremy’s teaching methodology is exceptional (as well as interesting and fun) and I began feeling quite comfortable in administering and scoring the test.  I strongly recommend Jeremy as an expert and instructor in Rorschach.  No one else could have made a convert of me!”

Dawn M. Opitz-White, PsyD.
Therapy Services Director—Konza Prairie Community Health

“The training that Dr. Morris offers is refreshing and thorough. I felt motivated to learn more every time we met and was satisfied with the pace of his teaching.

The way he organizes information is sensible and his use of frequent practical examples helped my learning of this complex test be more accessible and relevant.”

Claudia Canales, PhD
Clinical Training Director—Salina Regional Health Center

“Before training under Dr. Morris and re-learning the Rorschach, it’s utility, and how to understand it, I was not a fan of assessment. At all. But his quick tips and fool proof interpretation guide not only made it easy for me to understand the Rorschach…I actually began to enjoy it! Now, as a full-time professor, I enjoy teaching it to my students as well.”

Cassandra Page, PsyD
Psychological Services Center Director—Regent University

“Training under Dr. Morris with the Rorschach was instrumental in my development as a clinician. I went from being skeptical of its value to considering it pivotal for complex case conceptualization.

Understanding the Rorschach has improved my skills not only in assessment but also in therapy. I now recognize vulnerabilities and limitations in my patients highlighted by the test, which I formally would have missed.”

Andrew Magers, PsyD
Licsensed Psychologist—

“I’m incredibly grateful for the Rorschach training I received from Dr. Morris. Over the last two years, I worked at a neuropsychology practice, and we would often use the Rorschach to help make sense of clients’ emotional and relational difficulties. Thanks to my in-depth training during internship, I was able to dive right in and approach scoring and interpretation with much greater ease and confidence. I also think having that familiarity the Rorschach made me more competitive in acquiring a psych testing position.”

Lisa Criswell, PsyD
Licensed Psychologist—Centered Mind Counseling Services

“As someone who is brand new to the Rorschach, Dr. Morris’s ability to explain things at a basic level while still maintaining the integrity and complexity of the test has been vital to my learning experience.

Dr. Morris’s patience and non-judgmental stance toward any questions that I have had, no matter how basic, has been essential to me developing my skills administering the Rorschach.”

Erika Warbinton
Psychology Intern

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The Blot Spot seeks to create a community where people can learn and/or master the Rorschach in connection with others. So, we want to really make it as easy and appealing as possible for professionals who are new to the Rorschach to take the first steps to adopting it in their practice. Afterwards, we hope every member of The Blot Spot engages in the community in some way in order to make mastering the Rorschach the mission of every Blot Pro. Additionally, The Blot Spot is a place where The Comprehensive System, R-PAS, HERM or other models of the Rorschach are taught in courses, discussed in webinars/blogs/podcasts, and chatted about in forms.

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Start on your path to becoming a Blot Pro by joining The Blot Spot Community, taking an online course, or both.