The Blot Spot Community

The Blot Spot Community

Chat, discuss or dissect topics with your fellow Blot Pros.

Behind The Blot Spot

BLOT PRO HOME…NOOBS to Level 10 Blot Pros, welcome!

Level up your Rorschach skills with your fellow Blot Pros

Mastering the Rorschach takes time. But, who says we can’t have fun doing it?

As a Blot Spot member, there are all sorts of ways for you to interact with Rorschach material: blogs, podcasts, scoring questions, scoring practice, forums, etc.

You earn “inkdrops” for participating at The Blot Spot. These small points are awarded for various things like visiting regularly. We also  challenge you to engage in specific ways that will stretch your learning by encouraging you to complete little objectives—which we call “inkblots.” As you engage with the material and fellow Blot Pros, your skills (and theirs) will grow steadily. And, while everyone starts out as a Blot Spot NOOB, you will “level up” by earning inkdrops and inkblot achievements.

Have fun and enjoy the process of learning and mastering the Rorschach!

Blot Pro Ranks
Want to level up? Check out what achievements and assignments you need to to earn the next rank

The Blot Pro level system is one of our attempts to make learning and mastering the Rorschach more interactive and fun. We created “achievements” that you’ll earn by reading and interacting with content. But, other achievements you’ll also need to engage with others in the community to bolster your skills and level up in our little game.

My Blot Pro Stats
Check your stats to keep on pace to your goal of mastering the Rorschach

Here’s where you can check which achievements you’ve earned and what you need to do to make the next rank.