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Let’s face it. Learning a new skill by yourself isn’t easy. We make it easier to learn the Rorschach by giving you multiple ways to learn and connect with others who are honing their skills as well.

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Although these courses describe various Rorschach systems, they are not designed to replace Exner’s extensive writings on the CS, nor the R‐PAS manual, nor the instructions from Dr. Choca on the HERM. We hope to clarify and teach some of the difficult aspects from all systems in simpler terms and in a fun, memorable way.

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The Rorschach Test Is More Accurate Than You Think 100 years after the inkblots were created, studies show they reveal something about us. IN A SMALL town in Switzerland in 1917, psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach began carefully splattering paint on cards to
Check out this great little interview NPR had with Damion Searls, author of the book, The Inkblots. In the book, Searls traces the history of the Rorschach test and the man who invented it. The Rorschach images have become something
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…A little bit about us The Blot Spot is an innovative way to learn the Rorschach. It’s a community where you can master the Rorschach through one-of-a-kind, online-based training, which serves as a convenient alternative to self-directed learning and traditional
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